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Prosperity is in need of assistance. Not only is the sun radiating extreme temperatures, it seems Calamity has decided to take this time to launch an attack! What ignorant fools! Is their major a complete dolt?

I assembled a bunch of fighters in prosperity and we built a small fleet of airships in case of attack, but they are made of wood and it seems if we fly too high, our ships and crew burst into flame. We lost an early fleet by not knowing this. They carried explosives up to try to hold the attackers at bay, but the explosives ignited and destroyed our ships.

This is no time for combat, this is time for banding together and preventing disaster! Who would think war at a time like this?


So busy! Not much time to update! Still learning rules! I've been working double-shifts lately. They suck. I'm out of time and I still haven't even finished reading through all the new rules of NORG's. I can't keep doing this. I just need....nap....yes....sleep.....

A First and Second Job

I'm starting to have strange blackouts. I was working at my new job, Baron King. I decided to take this job because first of all, I had an in. My old friend and king, the King of Baron, owns the fast food restaurant, so I began my work there. I work the morning shift from about 8 am to 2 pm. And right around then, I blackout. And not just once, but it seems I do it every day. When I regain consciousness, I'm in the backroom of The Arena. I was ignoring it for awhile, but then, this morning, I received two paychecks. One for Baron King, one for The Arena. It seems my...darker half has been working there. I'm not sure what the blackouts are about though...

Still, I have to say, even though I don't like blacking out and giving my darkside any freedom, but hey, two paychecks! I work one job, get paid for two! I've gotta say, I'm pretty happy about all this, but it's somewhat...foreboding. I fear something will happen. I wouldn't mind if somebody would keep an eye on me while I work at The Arena. 


Prosperity, here I come! I took a tour airship to see all of the different cities and have come to the conclusion that I belong in Prosperity. I had a peek at Augury because of my magical skills, but found myself quickly outclassed. Plus, I have this fear about being turned into animals like frogs and pigs. It happened before and I did not like it. I peeked into Nirvana, but I don't understand those electronic devices. I can barely use this computer. I like that it's an airship-based city, but I don't fit in aside from knowing how to fly an airship. Calamity is too dark for me. It is somewhat frightening there. 

And so I begin my hunt for housing. I also enjoy how friendly everybody is here! What a nice place!

1000 Words

I don't know who decided this was a good idea! I landed in this place where lightning strikes constantly, and yet, the world decided to have a party or concert or something! I'm sorry if I'm shouting, but it's so loud! And this music is driving me crazy, which is why I'm blogging! If I don't, I'll probably get angry and my darkside will emerge and slaughter hundreds if not thousands, so I have to release my feelings here! I have to leave and soon! This concert has gone on for at least a day now! I'm trying to leave, but I keep getting turned around and lost! Besides, I heard every city in this world is broadcasting this concert!

Subjects are Stupid

Rosa is gone. We've been playing around in this stupid mall too much and being all prissy, and this is what we get. Now it's my turn to get things done. No more white magic. No guts. No glory. That isn't a cause-and-effect statement. There will be no glory. Just blood. I will find something that looks like it knows something...and kill it.


Eliminated in the first round is just pathetic. We let ourselves be defeated by using that pathetic White Magic. I think we pulled our punches, too, just because it was a girl. That will not happen next tournament. We will be playing by our rules next time. Perhaps we will consider hunting monsters for practice. Either way, we will pick up the Dark Sword once again and show them that Cecil Harvey is not a pussy.


This job is not what I expected. The people of this mall are rather...slow. We had a tournament sign-up and were prepared to start last week, but then when I checked the sign-up board out front, I had a bunch of TBA entries. Who writes "TBA" on a sign-up? There were also papers stuck to the whiteboard that explained how the tournament would be pushed back. I thought it was Mr. Orlandu that decided this, so I postponed the tournament, only to find out that was...wrong. Orlandu is rather pissed off at me. But I have been doing excellently with weapon and armor sales, so he told me he won't fire me...yet.

There is some war going on that I...can't say I fully understand. What I know is that I'm teamed up with a couple of pirates. I'll be on guard, just in case. I wouldn't put it past pirates to make up the whole thing just to rob me at knife-point. Not sure who our "leader" will be. If they nominate me, I'll be extra suspicious.

Rosa and I have found residence at Romeo's Ballad in Istory Falls. I won't say my unit number in public, in case pirates are reading. Ceodore is still at home in Baron. I hope he doesn't venture out here to see us, but I know he will in time. I hope we will have the gateways working again by then, but that may require saving the world first, which in my experience is fairly time consuming and sometimes involves space travel.

Perhaps I'll look into the resistance against Chaos soon. They might be worthy allies in this fight.

Starting over


I am new to this internet. And computers. And so many of these technological things. I am hoping to invest in a talk-to-type program because I am a really poor typist. Or maybe I will just learn.

I have taken a job at a place called The Arena, where a powerful swordsman named Orlandu has created a store focused on selling and testing combat equipment while also hosting several fighting tournaments. He has wasted no time in putting me in charge of several aspects of this store upon my hiring. I am already accustomed to this world, so at least I do not have that adjustment, but Rosa and I have moved into Istory Falls upon receiving my new, full-time job, so there is a lot going on in the Harvey household for now. At least Ceodore has come around to help out with the move.

I must post about a tournament now. I am new to this internet, but again, he wastes no time. He even has a poster in The Arena located behind the counter for employees to see. If says "if you can read this whole poster, then you are wasting too much time." Err, Orlandu does not have access to these posts, does he? I'd rather he not know I have the poster memorized. . . .


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